Wei Na

2007-2010 M.A. Fine Art Department, Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2004-2007 M.A. Multi-materials & Multimedia, Art College of Xiamen University, China
1999-2003 B.A. Fine Art Department, Art College of Inner Mongolia University, China

Solo Exhibition
2018. ARE YOU RICH?, Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, Xhina
2015. TELL ME WHAT LOVE IS, Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, China
2013. Looking-not-looking, Chinese European Art Centre, Xiamen, China
2011. Looking-not-looking, MAAS A.R. Nijmegen, Netherlands
2011. Mr.Zheng, Galerie Van Gelder, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2007. Come to an end, Xiamen, China

Group Exhibition
2018. Rolling Snowball/11, Djupivogur, Iceland
2017. Rolling Snowball/8-Xiamen Chinese-Dutch exhibition by the CEAC, Xiamen, China
2016. UN STATE BODY video installation, Xiamen, China
2015. CONTINENTAL BRIDGE 30 years of culture, Baltimore, US
2014. Chinese European Art Center 15 Years Anniversary, Xiamen, China
2014. Rolling snowball 5-Djupivogur, Djupivogur, Iceland
2014. One Minutes on Tour Shanghai, Shang Hai, China
2012. Rolling Snowball/3-Guangzhou Chinese-Dutch exhibition by the CEAC, Guangzhou, China
2012. Videoooooh one minutes exhibition, London, UK
2012. MAAS at CEAC, Chinese European Art Centre, Xiamen, China
2011. Rolling snowball/2-Quanzhou, Quan Zhou, China
2011. The Way of being an individual, Selby Gallery, New York, America
2011. Video screening, Sandberg Institute open day, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2010. Kunstvlaai- Art Pie, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2010. Dutch Culture Centre Dialogue, Shanghai, China
2009. NIMK event, Montevideo gallery Amsterdam, Netherlands
2009. Exploring photography and video art, Rietveld/1mins Arsenale, Venice Biennale, Italy
2008. You can miss things you never had, Chinese European Art Centre, Xiamen, China
2008. Alive recent performance and video works, Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2008. Out of place, Photograph and video works in Art Gene, Cumbria, U.K
2008. Kunstvlaai 7, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2008. Olympic the one minute exhibition, Beijing, China
2007. Sandberg Institute, Consortium Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2007. Licht Feld 7, Basel, Switzerland
2007. Art College of Xiamen University Art Works in Xiamen museum, Xiamen, China
2007. Here & There video exhibition, Xiamen, China
2007. One & the other painting, Sandberg Institute Project in W139, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2006. One minutes video in Biz-Art space, Shanghai, China
2006. Elevated World Art Cooperation, Chinese European Art Centre, Xiamen, China
2006. One minutes video in ICA, London, UK
2006. Expand Of Layer, Installation Exhibition, Xiamen, China
2006. Kunstvlaai 6, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2006. Crossover photo?video and installation exhibition, Chinese European Art Centre, China
2005. These Days, Photograph exhibition, Xiamen, China
2005. All in One, Installation Exhibition, Xiamen, China
2005. Documentaries of Chinese Performance Arts, Macao, China
2005. The Red Box, Installation Exhibition, Xiamen, China
2005. Follow the Red Carpet, Video Exhibition, Xiamen, China
2005. The College Students Art Festival in Fu Jian Province, Xiamen, China
2005. City Space, Photograph Solo Exhibition, Xiamen, China
2004. Every Day Movie, Video Exhibition, Xiamen, China

Festival, Art Fair
2011. Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2010. City 1mins at the World Exposition Shanghai 2010, Shanghai, China
2009. Split screen One Minutes, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2008. Videotage Kowloon, Hong Kong, China
2007. 1mins portrait video project, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2005. The One Minutes International Video Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2005. Netherlands - Chinese Culture Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2005. 'City Space' won the documentary and daily life award in The One Minutes International Video Festival
2005. 'Rhythm' won the First award of video works of Art Festival in Fu Jian Province, China

2017. Tell me what love is No.2, < Rolling Snowball/8-Xiamen > CEAC
2012. Speaking house, < Rolling Snowball/3-Guangzhou > CEAC
2011. Mr. Zheng, International Culture Art Week
2010. My work, Chinese European Art Center Ten Years Cross-cultural
Activities, ISBN 978-9490322113
2010. Mirror, article, Marco van Duyvendijk, ISBN 978-90-813385-3-0
2009. City space, World one minutes video and literature, ISBN 978-90-8691-91-3
2005. Space and No title, < Documentaries of Chinese Performance Arts in Macao Museum>, China