Looking-not-looking video installation

This series of work 'looking – not – looking' was finished in Holland. I was interested in recording the world around me during the time I stayed in Amsterdam and came back to my hometown-Hohhot of Inner Mongolia for summer holidays.
I was inspired that night while I was sitting at a restaurant in Amsterdam. There were only a few customers there. A young man was eating hamburger; a middle-aged woman was idly rotating a spoon in a cup; an elderly man was reading the latest newspaper… There was no conversation. The atmosphere led to meditations as well as melancholy, only slightly eased by the brisk tempo of faintly played wind music and the charming smile of the woman eating sandwiches in the photo placed on the counter.
Later my eyes were drawn towards a young woman who sat next to me. She looked self-conscious, and her face was a bit pale. She was trying not to let her tears flow down. I noticed her trembling fingers were rhythmically tearing a piece of gasket; a broken purple nail on the middle finger caught a scrap of paper; the activated blood vessels were beating…
I heard some noise from somewhere in my head. ‘There might be something gone wrong for her, as if she had knocked against a hard corner of the world’... (Wei Na, 2013)

There is a lot about myself I don’t understand, and quite frankly, don’t want to understand. I know I should think more, but doing is easier. I want to have a car, but a bicycle is more convenient. I want to be happy, but I know happiness makes you stupid. I know I should do something worthwhile with my life, but I don’t have time, I have to be hurry now, I have to catch a train… So I feel like somewhere in between, in between looking and not-looking. (Wei Na, 2011)

15 short movies. Combined photography and video, China and Holland.
What would you like to drink? 00:03:55 06/2011
I miss you a lot 00:03:10 07/2011
I already quit smoking 00:03:25 07/2011
I am rich now 00:03:54 07/2011
I invite you 00:03:44 07/2011
I like shopping 00:04:24 08/2011
I’m going to get married. 00:03:00 08/2011
I want 00:04:59 08/2011
= / ? 00:03:44 08/2011
On the train 00:08:34 08/2011
Watching 00:03:22 08/2011
A night at the Bar 00:02:17 08/2011
On the boat 00:02:36 09/2011
Speaking house 00:09:37 09/2011
A flower shop 00:03:01 10/2011

October 16th 2011 showed at MAAS Artist Residence in Nijmegen of the Netherlands
September 21th 2013 showed in Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, China