Since 2005, video 'City Space' won the documentary and daily life award in The One Minutes (') International Video Festival, I continually enter the exhibitions:

2014. One Minutes on Tour Shanghai, Shang Hai, China
2012. Videoooooh one minutes exhibition, London, UK
2010. City 1mins' at the World Exposition Shanghai 2010, Shanghai, China
2009. Exploring photography and video art, Rietveld/1mins Arsenale, Venice Biennale, Italy
2009. Splitscreen One Minutes, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands
2008. Olympic the one minute exhibition, Beijing, China
2007. '1mins portrait video' Project, Amsterdam WTC, Netherlands
2006. '1mins video' ICA, London, UK
2005. 'City Space' won the documentary and daily life award The One Minutes International Video Festival
2005. 'Rhythm' won the First award of video works of Art Festival in Fu Jian Province, China

The projects:
2014 How to
Video 'How to walk through your life'

2012 Olympic games
6 Videos: Oh, look-I can do it; Failure; Speed; Horse race; Winner; Horse races
Video by Wei Na, music and sounddesign by too many chiefs | Ruurd Blom

2009 City
24 videos: A family; Barbecue; Building site; Chai Fang; DaZhao Temple; Dinner; Religious service; Go home; Talent show; MaJiang; Morning market; Go on duty; Marriage; Entertainment; Morning exercise; Do morning exericises; Petsmart; Shopping; Night scene; Night snack; Nomulabi; On the way; Evening party; Morning

2009 Green and Flower
9 Videos: Flower1; Flower2; Flower3; Flower4; The shape of green; The depth of green; The speed of green; The still of green; The way of green

2007 Separated screen
5 Videos: Havinck; Serial Polar; Het meisje met het rode haar; Flash gordon; Them

2007 Portrait
6 Videos: Boy in the British School; Take this pill and live forever; 'Massage; WTC; Sandberg LiuFang; Flower Shop

2005 One minutes
6 Videos: Rhythm; Relation; Sewing Machine; Drill; Up and Down; City Space